Transformer Tuesday: Twinferno and Daburu

Tuesday is secretly the best day of the week. It’s that unassuming day that either ends in tacos, tequila, or toys in this case! Welcome to Transformer Tuesday; the day of the week that secretly transforms from a workday to a play day!

This week we are reviewing an Autobot from the current line of Generations Deluxe Class “Titan’s Return” action figures: Twinferno and Daburu. 

 Also known as Doublecross, Twinferno is another amalgam of Autobot and Beast in this headmaster classic. As a Generation 1 figure Twinferno has some of his key looks from the 1987 figure.  His hallmark 90’s visor shades, painted sky blue, are almost identical to the G1 figure’s headmaster from 1987. Along with his double dragon hands and bat-like wings, Twinferno in robot mode is a good competitor to his G1 figure.  Big difference between this new update, in terms of his hands, is the painted red eyes and attached horns. In the older model, the horns were permanently a part of his arms and painted grey.  The wings on this model are painted more of an opaque black vs a solid black. The overall design of the wings, in robot mode, are about the same size as the Mindwipe deluxe figure but don’t expand at all in transformation mode.  Like most of the G1 figures, Twinferno comes with dual weapons in the form of guns that can be either mounted in hand or on his shoulder blades. The mounting of the weapons in robot mode allow him freedom to move freely through his dragon arms. Another cool feature about Twinferno is the fact that his dragon hands can open and close their jaws, making for some fearsome posing in robot mode. One critique in robot mode however is how clunky his feet and legs feel. It might just be a luck of the draw, but the lower leg on this model seemed very loose and wouldn’t stay in place during certain bending poses. 
One of the few things that hasn’t changed since the late 80’s is Twinferno’s T-rex hands. They look identical to his 1987 design and don’t really afford much mobility or grip. A big difference in it’s dragon design is how much more maneuverability there is in Twinferno’s neck. The heads can both be posed in different positions. One major drawback to the design of Twinferno is that in dragon mode he tends to be very top heavy and if not positioned correctly and upright, will just topple over in standing.   The mounting and placement for the accessories is also unique. Although not shown above, Headmaster Daburu can be mounted within the chest piece of Twinferno. The other configuration is seated atop between the wings, making Daburu an Autobot dragon rider. A mix between autobot and beast, Twinferno is a great addition to the currently updated G1 collection. Equipped with dual wielding guns, that could be mounted in many different positions, it makes for a great figure to play with and display. It’s also a fairly common figure to find in any major toy retailer so be sure not to pass up on this Transformer.

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