Transformer Tuesday: Throttle and Breakaway

Tuesday is secretly the best day of the week. It’s that unassuming day that either ends in tacos, tequila, or toys in this case! Welcome to Transformer Tuesday; the day of the week that secretly transforms from a workday to a play day!

This week we are reviewing another one of the Transformers from the current line of Generations Deluxe Class “Titan’s Return” action figures: Throttle and Breakaway.

Breakaway, also known as Getaway, is one of the sneakiest and smoothest Autobots on the team. As a Generation 1 toy, this figure does a great homage to the original with a more updated and sleek design.

With dual wielding guns, Breakaway stands tall and balanced in robot form. One of the best designed figures in the line, Breakaway has great stability and mobility throughout his joints. Double hinged joints and a knee pad provide good maneuverability for leg posing along with a two joint set-up for his shoulders. His wrists either flex or extend but have no rotation, which comes primarily from his shoulder set up.

Another great thing about Breakaway, in his robot form, is the color contrast of his chest plate. That deep burgundy and yellow accentuate his paint job once he transforms into car mode. His head design appears to be mouthless, adding to his personality of being a stealthy, cool-headed, soldier. The head almost has an “Optimus Prime” design to it with the gladiator-like helmet. 
Like most of the Titan’s Return figures, Breakaway comes with a headmaster in the form of Throttle. He also has two guns that can be mounted in his hands or on the side of the car depending on which configuration you decide on.

Again in car mode, he has these very retro colors and racing stripes that seem reminiscent of an old 70’s race car. Definitely a G1 transformer in this form. 
The accessories included with this transformers can only be mounted on the side of the vehicle, with Throttle able to ride in a side car or within the actual front seat.

  A final 360 view of the vehicle showcases the aggressive racing design of the car. A larger back wheel showcases the rim design and opaque grey color they chose for his treads. Note that the decals on the side are also designed to complement the rest of the colors throughout the vehicle. 
It doesn’t look like the exhausts are built into the back part of the car which is fine given the very “DeLorean Back to the Future” vibe you get from the rear design. It could use some other contrasting colors for the tail lights but above all a sleek retro look from the back.

With an aggressive hood and sharp head lights, the bumper and grilles add only more distinction to this G1 figure.

The overall design of Breakaway/Getaway is a fan favorite in robot mode. His design accentuates the era of G1 Transformers that was reminiscent of fast cars and big battles. An easily maneuverable autobot, Breakaway is a sure fire addition to the collection of anyone’s growing transformers collection.

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