Transformer Tuesday: Hot Rod and Firedrive

Tuesday is secretly the best day of the week. It’s that unassuming day that either ends in tacos, tequila, or toys in this case! Welcome to Transformer Tuesday; the day of the week that secretly transforms from a workday to a play day!

This week we are reviewing another one of the Transformers from the current line of Generations Deluxe Class “Titan’s Return” action figures: Hot Rod and Firedrive.

Set to premiere in the new movie, Transformers: The Last Knight, Hot Rod is described as one of the more hot-headed, arrogant, and bold Autobots. This action figure brings the original G1 model to the series with great detail and color.

The detail of his headpiece has his hallmark center mohawk with visor blue eyes to match his front windshield. Combined with his signature phoenix chest piece, Hotrod is one of the most colorful and interesting figures to the series.
The figure comes complete with dual wielding guns and removable headmaster, Firedrive. In robot mode he has ball and socket plus double hinged joints for his legs. Hinged joints at his elbows combined with his shoulder mobility allows for good posing/positioning. The only downside to his robot mode is he has a lot of weight on his back from his spoiler and cockpit which tends to weigh him on his heels more.

In transformation mode Hot Rod show cases his aero dynamic design with that wide V spoiler. The color contrast in really stands out in this mode between his dark blue windshield, fire engine red body, and school bus yellow spoiler. There are three places for the accessories to be mounted for Hot Rod.

First off, the duals guns can be split and mounted to the side of the vehicle and don’t impede the front wheels making for smooth rolling. 

The headmaster, Firedrive can be placed snuggly into the cockpit if you fold his legs up a bit before you place him in there. Lastly, both Firedrive and the dual guns can be mounted together on the hood of Hot Rod making an almost turret/tank formation. 
The overall design of Hot Rod is a personal favorite in his car mode. It just looks like a sleek, fast, and aggresive autobot looking to tear up the road and some Decepticons. If you’re looking to complete your G1 autobot set Hot Rod is a definite must for any collector. One of the best fighters and loyalist to the Autobots, his premiere in the new Transformers movie has a high expectations for any fan. 

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