Transformer Tuesday: Arcee

Tuesday is secretly the best day of the week. It’s that unassuming day that either ends in tacos, tequila, or toys in this case! Welcome to Transformer Tuesday; the day of the week that secretly transforms from a workday to a play day!

This week we are reviewing an Autobot from the 2014 line of Generations Deluxe class figures: Arcee.

2014 marked the 30 year anniversary for Transformers and was trademarked as the “Thrilling 30” line of figures. The unique thing about these carded figures was the comic that was included with each of their Deluxe toys, featuring a cover exclusive to that character. The Arcee figure comes fully loaded with 4 accessories plus a comic which made this retail figure worth anyone’s purchase if you were able to snag one off the shelf. She comes equipped with 2 side pistols, and two cybernetic dual guns (which could also double as a sword if you’re creative). Arcee is one of the very few “female designed” Cybertronians, as genders or sexes might not necessarily apply to an alien race of robots. Still, her design has that classic G1 look from the original Japanese anime. The color on the figure is exceptional with that bubble-gum pink and bright white compliments. Her head sculpt is also very reminiscent of the G1 design complete with the see-through plastic on the back of the head so that her eyes light up when light shines through them. Another great design point is how you can mount her many accessories when she is in robot mode. Her two identical Cybertronian gun blades can be mounted on her hip with her pistol accessories in her hands or vice versa. Unfortunately her hands clips are also very stiff. When trying to mount her pistols her left thumb ended up completely breaking off. There was a bit of a lip on the bottom of her palm which made trying to get a handle on her gun kind of difficult without using a lot of force, which probably caused the break. In vehicle mode, Arcee transformers into a tiny Autobot convertible. With a space age design and aerodynamic build, the figure is a toss up between something one would see in a TRON film or a Jetson’s episode. The profile of the vehicle really shows off the space influence and long curves that make their way into the design of Arcee. The fin is also a nice touch and was in the original design of the G1 series. The photo shown above is not the original mounting for the accessories but displays the variety of ways you can play with this figure. Any rectangular space fits any of the 4 guns and can be interchanged between being mounted on the side or the back of the vehicle. Arcee has to be a personal favorite of any Transformers collector. One of the rare gems to still find in stores, she is a must have for G1 fans. She comes fully loaded with accessories, a comic, and a unique transformation between robot and car mode. She’s also always smiling which is a nice deviation from the usual stoic faces of the Transformers.

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