Saga Action Figures: Alana and Marko

This week, Saga returns with an all new arc in issue #43. To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Image comics has released a number of their monthly flagship titles at the low cost of 25 cents! Saga has been one of the best reads from the writing/art team of Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples. The story telling and intent behind the series is that of an epic space opera with plenty of humor, drama, tragedy, and action fit for any fan of shows like Game of Thrones or Westworld. To celebrate their 25th anniversary, we decided to take a look at last year’s Skybound exclusive figures from 2016: Alana and Marko from Saga.

Based off of their first look and appearance in issue #1, Alana and Marko are designed to have their identical outfits during their escape off of Cleave, with their newborn Hazel. Alana and Marko are from different planets and species. Alana comes from Landfall while Marko comes from the native moon of Wreath. The two fall in love and their story makes up most of the narrative of this series. The story revolves around the war between the two species, the birthing and up-bringing of their first child Hazel, and the many parties that want them dead.   Both species have unique abilities and physical features. These figures show off the detail between the winged Landfallian people versus the horned magicians of Wreath. Alana’s wings are specifically unique to her because of the fact that they are much smaller than most of her species. She claims to not have used them as much growing up which explains their span. In terms of accessories for Alana, she comes with an extra set of wings as well as a mace. Although not her first choice of weaponry, the mace seems pretty sturdy compared to her Heartbreaker gun. The head design for Alana is probably the better of the two, and really portrays her natural beauty. She definitely has that racially ambiguous look to her if she wasn’t from another planet.  Marko’s design on the other hand is not a personal favorite. The head sculpt on Marko does not look anything like his design from Fiona Staples. It’s difficult to translate some of those unique features and shaping from paper to plastic, which is understandable, but the face really doesn’t represent the art style drawn by Staples. The one thing they do get right is his costume design. In terms of accessories for Marko he has a magic blade that he uses to mow down some Landfallian soldiers during their escape. It even comes complete with a scabbard that can be mounted on him. The other thing that they designed well was his unique features as a person from Wreath, the horns and ears of a ram. Box design is great for these figures, featuring the image from issue #1. The figures themselves also stand at around 5.5 inch size and look great to display in box or on a stand. The back of the box gives a short synopsis of Saga and has another image taken from their first trade paperback. Most of the Skybound exclusive and Image figurines have come in a box similar to this one. Released this same year was also the Negan and Glenn figurine from The Walking Dead. The retail price for these back in 2016 was $50 and now they go for just shy of $70 on eBay. A personal favorite piece from SDCC, these Saga figures are a sure purchase for any toy fan and Saga fan. Next thing they need to make is a Lying Cat and Sophie figure set. 

Saga #43 is out at local retailers for the low price of 25 cents! Be sure to pick up this issue and start on the new arc. For those looking to catch up on the series, Image has already produced two great hardcovers that can be found over at Amazon. You can also go the trade paper back route if you’re looking to collect the great covers and want something less bulky.

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