Post-con coverage: Long Beach Comic Con 2017

This Labor Day weekend, the Long Beach Convention Center hosted their biannual meeting of all things pop culture and comic related. Hosted by MAD Event Management, Long Beach Comic Con 2017 started off on a very warm Saturday morning in downtown Long Beach with a line circling the convention center. The venue was a great place to be at offering both the luxury of a full sized convention floor combined with the cool breeze from the oceanside and local downtown restaurants. With plenty of places to eat and explore in area, LBCC is always a great convention to check out every year. Let’s get down to the details of this year’s Long Beach Comic Convention. The official numbers for guest attendees are still coming in but from the start of the convention at 9:00 AM, an estimated 250 guests had already shown up in hopes of getting in before doors officially opened at 9:30. Definitely a family friendly convention, plenty of fans brought comic enthusiasts from all ages. Another great thing about the convention is the use of their outside space around the waiting queue. Every year the show puts on a mini car show featuring some of the best custom vehicles from various pop culture shows/movies. Most notable this year was a replica vehicle from the original Fast and Furious as well as the Delorean from Back to the Future, fully equipped with a flux capacitor. Having the car show available for fans brought about a sense of nostalgia as we waited to get in. First stop on the convention floor is over to our friends over at Vicious Kill. This Southern-California based clothing company is on the cutting floor for some of the best pop culture merchandise from gaming, comics, television, and more. A majority, if not all, of the art is penned and inked by Victor Magana. With a unique take on classic heroes like Spider-Man and Luke Cage, dedicated fans make their first stop over to Vicious Kill to see their limited edition screen prints and shirts before they sell out. With screen printing done on site, VK is a great booth to check out.     Their most notable merch that they had out this convention is their Pickle Rick shirt from Rick and Morty’s third season. With talks about making certain shirts and images for a limited time, it’s best to act fast and pick up a great bargain of a shirt with your favorite characters. Vicious Kill is set to be at Stan Lee’s Comic Con AKA Los Angeles Comic Con at the end of October so be sure stop by and check out their latest merchandise for the Halloween season.

Next stop is to start the hunt for romance comics. With the central theme of these conventions being comic based, Long Beach Comic Con is no exception for having numerous booths stock piled with boxes and boxes of comics waiting for new homes. Whether you fancy Marvel, DC, or specific titles to fill gaps in your run, Long Beach Comic Con had just the right amount of space to house retailers from all over the place. Coming to this convention, we’ve had a chance to speak to retailers hailing all the way from Arizona to up and down the Southern-California coast. Some great finds we’ve come across this convention include this original Our Love Story #5 in almost NM condition. One of the original Jim Steranko covers, these gems are getting harder and harder to come by. Some of Marvel’s greatest artists started off in the romance realm so collectors of both the genre and the legends out there seek out some of these issues for their collection. The great thing about these romance covers is the time capsule component of showing off the times, the fashion, and mind-set of the era. Big highlight of the convention was speaking to the gentlemen over at Ed Robertson Comics. A great person to talk comics, Ed is an out-of-town retailer making his stop over here on the West coast with his Pre 1980 collection. Ed has made several circuits in the comic conventions around the West Coast and Arizona, but tends to only come out a few times a year. The reason being is that Ed likes to bring his merchandise to areas where fans haven’t seen his stock yet, hence him only coming down to Long Beach every few years or so. If you ever have a chance to see his booth, his prices are reasonable and he’s just a great guy to talk comics with if you have a passion for something. A piece of advice that Ed left us with is that every time you go to a convention, you need to bring an extra $20-50 on top of your budget for when you want to tap into that special deal. If comics aren’t your thing, the convention offers plenty of statues and toys for collectors from all genre’s. Major highlight was the amount of anime based merchandise and toys that were selling at various booths throughout the convention. From the newly revamped Dragon Ball series to older sets like Gundam Wing, Long Beach Comic Con attracted the anime enthusiasts just as much as the comic book collector. Some great finds at this convention were some older Marvel Legends series in blister packs. With the new Antman and the Wasp movie gaining some steam, this was a hard bargain not to pass up. This Marvel Legends Giant Man was still carded and sealed, complete with comic and three great figures. The Giant Man is a beautiful giant to have in anyone’s set but the real winner for us was the articulated mini Ant-Man and Wasp figures that it came with. These ToyBiz Marvel Legends are making their way onto Ebay and back into popularity as the quality control of new Marvel Legends has taken a bit of a dive in recent years. Some of the most recent Marvel Legends are getting better but nothing beats the days of ToyBiz. Gaming was also another highlight of the convention. Between table top and video games, fans who were looking to take a break from the convention floor had opportunities to come by and play some classic Super Smash Brothers or even take on their friends in table top. Gaming has a way of bringing a community together and attracting gamers from all walks of life. The cosplay scene for the convention was another great highlight. Every year the cosplay scene seems to grow as cosplayers become more skilled and creative with their costumes. LBCC had some of the most interesting and best cosplay from newer and more conservative fans to the very experienced. Long Beach Comic Con is a great convention to take the family for a day. Unfortunately we didn’t have an opportunity to take a dive into the panel scene but some of the major highlights beyond the convention floor included a concert set known as Burgercon, a fashion show, and the Geekfest Film Festival. Long Beach Comic Con is on it’s way to expanding their menu of entertainment for the weekend so be sure to set aside time next year to experience all of the available events that the convention has to offer. With local hotels, restaurants, and a booming downtown, Long Beach is a great venue that will be seeing convention attendees for many years to come. Lastly, we’re leaving you with these adorable yet bad ass cosplayers. Be sure to check out Long Beach Comic Con next year!

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