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The much anticipated finale to the Wolverine series, Logan, premiered a few weeks ago and it has received critical acclaim among X-men fans and Wolverine aficionados. This week we are bringing you thirteen of the best comic covers featuring the Wolverine and his many loves over the centuries.

X-men Forever Vol 2 Annual #1 (Jean Grey and Logan)

Most comic fans know that there is an ongoing romance between Jean Grey and Logan that has followed them through the ages. From the earlier days of X-men to the present, Logan has always had an almost unrequited love for Jean. Returning to the forefront of X-men writing after a long hiatus, Chris Claremont builds this annual into one of the “softer” more romantic stories between Logan and Jean as they go on a secret mission posing as a newlyweds. Also Sana Takeda is on the art direction of this issue and is known for her works on X-23, Ms. Marvel, and Image comics’ Monstress.

X-men Forever Vol 2 #1 – 2nd print variant (Jean Grey and Logan)

The first page of this issue is the exact image of this 2nd printing variant. Although the context is that of a day dream inside of Jean’s mind, it still begs the question of how unrequited that love is between Logan and Jean. Titled “Love and Loss” this issue kicks off the X-men Forever series which ran for 24 issues between 2009-2010. Expect to see a lot of Jean and Logan covers in this series.

The Uncanny X-men Vol 1 #394  (Jean Grey and Logan)

This sultry cover from the Uncanny run of X-men comes from artist Ian Churchill and inker Mark Morales. In one of the typical X-men scenarios, Jean and Logan find themselves at a potentially fatal point in their battle. Trapped in the mind of a young mutant their fate seems set and with time running out Logan smoothly decides not to waste his last breath and kisses Jean. They are then saved by the X-men and sadly Jean cannot acknowledge their kiss, especially with her X-man-friend Cyclops standing over them.

X-men: The End Vol 3 #1 (Phoenix and Wolverine) 

In terms of canon story, it is difficult to keep track of all the times that Jean Grey has died, the most memorable being the transformation into Dark Phoenix and eventual sacrificial suicide. In X-men: The End Wolverine day dreams about a Phoenix force Jean returning to him on a sun-setting grassy hill. If there is any true love that Logan continues to pine for, it’s Jean and this dream sequence shows that. It all culminates in a deep conversation and realization that Jean is somewhere out in the universe and Logan will wait for eternity if it means being with his love.

X-men: Phoenix Endsong Vol 1 #1 (Dark Phoenix and Wolverine) 

As mentioned before, Jean had died in her transition to Dark Phoenix. In this series, the Phoenix Force returns back to earth to resurrect Jean Grey and use her bodily form to search for another host to complete it’s power. That host is unfortunately Scott Summers. The X-men decide that in order to rid the universe of the potential threat they must set aside their love for their teammate and destroy the Phoenix force completely. In this issue Wolverine is taken as bait by Phoenix and found atop a snowy mountain. Prior to the X-men’s arrival, Wolverine tries to kill the Phoenix but she is continuously resurrected over and over again, forcing him to relive slaying his lover.

Death Of Wolverine Vol 1 #4 – Variant Cover (Phoenix and Wolverine)

*WARNING SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t read the Death of Wolverine or watched Logan then be warned before reading on. In both these mediums it is a pretty obvious foreshadowing of the ending for both Wolverine in the comics as well as Hugh Jackman playing the clawed crusader. If you haven’t seen the movie go check it out ad then read Old Man Logan and Death of Wolverine. As a comic lover, the film took some influences from both these series and you will see why once you check out a great addition to the X-men franchise of films.

The Uncanny X-men Vol 1 #172 (The Wedding of Mariko Yashida and Logan) 

Mariko Yashida was the daughter of the former Yakuza crime family leader, Shingen Yashida, until she became the head of the clan upon her father’s death. Her and Logan developed a relationship throughout Uncanny X-men and are even engaged to be married until their wedding is delayed by the super-villain Mastermind in this issue. The story of Mariko and Logan is both tragic and beautiful and the beginnings of that story can be seen in the movie, The Wolverine.

Wolverine Vol 5 # 4 – Wolverine Through the Ages Variant (Mariko and Logan) 

There were plenty of “Wolverine Through the Ages” Variants during the month of June 2013 that featured Logan and his many loves but none stood out as much as this beautiful cover for issue #4 of the new Marvel NOW! Wolverine run. Beautiful imagery of the contrasting worlds of the Wolverine and Mariko Yashida. Known for his savagery and rage, Logan is affectionately accepted yet saddened by Mariko in this cover. It is almost as if she feels sorry for all the rage that he holds within him. The story of Logan and Mariko ends tragically, with Mariko being poisoned by an assassin from The Hand. To avoid a painful death she asks Logan to kill her and preserve her honor. The Wolverine abides and is forever hardened and enraged by the loss of his lover that he vows to cut off a piece of the assassin every year on the anniversary of Mariko’s death.

Wolverine and the X-men Vol 2 #8 (Ororo Munroe and Logan) 

In this series Logan becomes a professor for the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning and teaches many of the new mutants entering the world of the X-men. During the time of this series, the Death of Logan events were beginning to occur meaning that Logan had lost his mutant healing ability. As his days are numbered Logan decides to bring Storm to a place where time stands still, “The World”. Here time moves very slowly and what can seem like a year is but a few seconds in the real world. This issue is a great story telling of Logan’s later life and how him and Storm were truly in love as they aged together. A great read and ends with one of the most heartfelt admonitions to his beloved Ororo.

Logan: I’m sorry, ‘ro
Storm: Sorry? Sorry for what, Logan? 
Logan: Sorry it took me so long…took us so long to get here. To get past her…past Jean. That it took comin’ so close to the end to realize whats been there in front of me all along. To finally see you. You mean so much to me…the warrior at my back, the lover in my arms. The friend at my side.

Wolverine Weapon X Vol 1 #10 (Logan and Melita Garner) 

If there is any issue that is an anthology of the many loves Wolverine it would be this issue. Here a San Francisco reporter, Melita Garner, begins to fall in love with Logan and asks him poignant questions about his past love life. The problem however is that all of Logan’s relationship tend to end badly or tragically and he is reluctant to continue such a relationship with Ms. Garner. Some of the honorable mentions in this issue of previous romances include Yukio, Storm, Seraph, Viper, Emma Frost, Domino, and Phoenix.

Wolverine Vol 4 #9 (Mystique and Wolverine) 

Not that Wolverine and Mystique ever had a notable romance but this cover by Jae Lee sure shows an intriguing flirtation between the two mutants. Mystique can shape shift into any person on the planet and that would seem like a dream dating a mutant that can shape shift into anything you desire but deep down Mystique is still one of the major villains to the X-men and a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants. An infamous and deadly assassin, Mystique ends up dying in this issue at the hands of Wolverine. It doesn’t end for her there however as her body is purchased in a black market auction by none other than the resurrecting ninja warriors of The Hand.

Astonishing X-men Vol 3 #14 (Emma Frost and Wolverine)

More than just Wolverine gets some action in this famous Joss Whedon run. This issue actually also features Kitty Pryde and Colossus but that will be featured in a future Love and Comics article. This is an interesting issue in that Wolverine is featured on the cover but in the comic it’s actually Scott Summers that is kissing Emma Frost. A bit of shape shifting and mind bending finds Emma Frost trying to attest to the fantasies of Scott, one in which she mind warps Scott into an image of Logan. Kind of weird but that goes beyond what this Josh Whedon run was about. Probably one of the best modern X-men runs, Whedon’s writing stint on X-men has brought about some of the  most memorable panels in modern day comic books. Check out Astonishing X-men issues 1-24 if you are interested in Whedon’s work.

Astonishing X-men Vol 3 #61 (Wolverine and Jean Grey) 

There is a lot of context required to understand this issue of Astonishing X-men but the short story is that Jean Grey becomes the new Apocalypse. It’s difficult to say from this one issue which side she is on but one thing is for certain that the power of Apocalypse is all consuming similar to that of the Phoenix. Regardless of the timeline or multiverse, Jean Grey and Logan will always have a thing for each other that transcends both time and space. It is forever in their stars to fall for each other and fall apart from each other and is part of the architecture to their characters.

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