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Love and Comics took a bit of a hiatus for the summer but is now back in full force! We’re starting off our summer articles with a specially themed romance cover: Love triangles! Sometimes a big part of romance is the heartbreak and we’re taking you across the comic realm to bring you some of the most heartbreaking covers we could find. From Marvel to DC to independent publishers, here are 10 of the best love triangle covers from the Love and Comics vault.

Silver Surfer Vol 1 #101 (Norrin Radd, Fennan Radd, and Shalla Bal)

Silver Surfer made his first appearance in Fantastic Four # 48 as the advance scout to the planet eating being known as Galactus. After the events of Fantastic Four # 48, Silver Surfer journeys on his own adventures including returning back to his homeland Zenn-la. In order to spare his planet from being devoured, Norrin Radd agreed to be imbued with the cosmos and be enslaved by Galactus. When the Surfer returns to his homeland of Zenn-la, he finds that his first love, Shalla-Bal has fallen in love with Norrin Radd’s half-brother, Fennan. Shalla-Bal understood that Norrin had to make the heroic choice by saving the planet and being away from Zenn-La, but she also needed someone physically to be there for her and be her companion.

Night Trasher Vol 1 #8 (Dwayne Taylor, Donyell Taylor, and Slhouette Chord) 

Night Thrasher is the leader and founder of the Marvel super hero team known as The New Warriors. In this issue, Dwayne Taylor aka Night Thrasher, is ambushed by a mysterious mercenary going by the name of Bandit. What we soon discover is that Bandit is actually Dwayne’s half brother, Donyell. The two go head-to-head in a battle to save Silhouette Chord. The New Warriors has gained some popularity in the recent months with the announcement of a television series based off of the comic book heroes/heroines. Playing Dwayne Taylor will be actor Jeremy Tardy. Another notable name for the series is the actress playing Squirrel Girl, Milana Vanytrub. Be sure to stay tuned for new developments in the series as Marvel moves forward with this project.

Avengers Vol 1 # 348 (The Vision, Crystal, and Mrs. Lipton) 

The Vision has gone through several “re-programmings” throughout his Avenger career. Originally born of Wonder Man’s persona, the Vision has in a sense “died” and been “reborn” throughout the Marvel timeline. During this era, Vision’s mind has been reprogrammed with the late Professor Lipton’s. With this new re-programming, the Vision had lost all emotional capacity and actually broke up with his original lover, Wanda Maximoff. In an attempt to regain his empathy and emotions, Vision searches his memories in hopes of rekindling the humanoid side of his design. The late Professor Lipton’s wife shows up to the mansion wanting to revisit her late husband’s psyche. Vision and her spend a day together and it seems like the Vision is actually Professor Lipton. After they depart, we soon discover that Vision was unable to recall the programming and just pretended to be Professor Lipton in order to give his wife one more day together. A single tear rolls down the eye of the newly born Vision.

Fantastic Four: Fireworks Vol 1 #3 (Crystal, The Human Torch, and Maximus)

Marvel Remix is a modern retelling of a classic Fantastic Four storyline. Johnny Storm had met the woman of his dreams in the Inhuman’s Crystal. Unfortunately though, Crystal’s Inhuman purist cousin, Maximus forbade their union and created an unbreakable barrier separating their worlds. The Human Torch sought to destroy the barrier and return to his lover. In this issue, Johnny and his best friend, Wyatt, go on an adventure to regain access to Crystal’s homeland of Attilan. They eventually find a way to gain access to the secret city and Johnny Storm is reunited with Crystal. They go on to continue a long relationship in the Marvel world until they eventually break up.

All-New X-men Vol 1 #15 (Jean Grey, Beast, and Cyclops) 

The original X-men travel to the present only to find that they don’t like the outcomes of their future. In the current timeline, the young Jean Grey’s powers have begun to manifest without control. Knowing where her future is going and knowing that she marries Cyclops, Jean begins to have doubts about the future outcomes. She mistakingly reads the present Beast’s mind and discovers that he used to be in love with her. The young Jean Grey confronts the young Beast on the matter and they share a kiss in his laboratory. As young Jean returns to her room she pulls an invitation to the future wedding of her and Scott Summers, and ponders what she should do next.

Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane Volume 1 # 132 (Lois Lane, Superman, and Philes Karnes) 

Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane is a hilarious comic series featuring some pretty out-dated, and sometimes straight up offensive, story lines. In this issue, Superman comes to the realization that he cannot marry Lois Lane due to the many enemies Superman possesses. Not to worry though because Superman’s solution is to use his “ultra-advanced super computer” to pick out Lois’ potential future lover. Apparently Superman’s computer contains a punch-card profile on every eligible man in Metropolis. He comes up with the name, Philip Karnes, a bio chemist working at Metro-Laboratories.

Action Comics Volume 1 #593 (Mr. Miracle, Big Barda, and Superman) 

In this issue, Mr. Miracle comes home to find that his wife is suddenly missing. Sitting in his favorite chair however is none other than the menace Darkseid. Darkseid sent his evil minion Sleez to mind control both Superman and Big Barda to create an “adult” movie together. A very strange storyline, but luckily Mr. Miracle arrives to stop the filming and break the mind control spell on these two heroes. Mr. Miracle has just been re-introduced into the DCU comics by series writer Tom King and veteran artist, Mitch Gerads. The series has already received critical acclaim and is set to be one of the best reads closing out 2017. Be sure to jump on this new on-going monthly title and check your local retailers for issue #1 if you want a great summer read.

DC Comics Presents Vol 1 #32 (Superman, Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, and Steve Trevor) 

In this issue, Wonder Woman is aboard the watch tower when she is approached by the greek god of love, Eros. His advancements are refused and in a rage, Eros fires his love arrows into Wonder Woman and into Superman. They suddenly fall in love with each other and share a kiss but then retract knowing that this isn’t real but a spell that must be broken. They go through awkward moments on the watch tower are they seek a solution to their hopeless romance. They think that going to their respective partners will bring some clarity in their minds and hearts. Wonder Woman catches Superman kissing Lois Lane and immediately is enraged and hurls her into oncoming traffic. Superman saves her and realizes that they need to fix this before someone truly gets hurt. They eventually travel to a distant cavern that houses a flower that will break their spell. After their adventures, they go on a double date with their respective partners and end the chaos of love’s arrow.

 Ghost Busters: Get Real Vol 1 #1 

In this short mini-series the Ghost Busters of the comic world meet their real life counterparts from the film world. In this issue the Ghost Busters team is up again Proteus, one of the primordial gods. Although the cover shows a romantic and heartbreak exchange between two character’s, they’re actually the same characters of different realms. In the background is Janine Melintz, of the comic realm, the office manager to the Ghost Busters. On the forefront of this issue is Dr. Egon Spengler, of the comic realm, and Janine Melintz, of the real world. It’s all very confusing and very meta but a fun read for the Ghost Buster’s fan.

Futurama Comics Vol 1 #63 (Zapp Brannigan, Leela, and Fry)

In this Futurama comic the Planet Express team are sent to retrieve a mysterious gem in an astroid field. Leela decides to be the one to retrieve the gem and is struck by a stray astroid and is lost to space, unable to be rescued. She wakes up in a nearby hospital with no memory of who she is. Unfortunately for her, Zapp Brannigan is standing over her claiming to be married to Leela. He feigns being her husband and creates a back story of their “happy” little life. Even though Leela has no memory, she goes along with the facade thinking it to be true. There is even a hilarious moment when Leela is wondering why they have not made love yet to which Zapp’s inner monologue responds with, “What if sex with me brings back her memory? The Zappster is pretty unforgettable. If her memory returns then she’ll remember how much she likes kicking me in the…no, I’d better make up a clever excuse.” Leela eventually gets her memory back and makes Brannigan pay for his deceit.

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