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During our last Spider-Man article we showed off some of the most heartbreaking covers from our friendly neighborhood wall crawler. As Spider-Man Homecoming comes closer to release we’ll be bringing you two more articles featuring the wall-crawling wonder. This week we are bringing you nine of the best “Kissing” covers of Peter Parker. Pucker-up and apply that chapstick cause here come the smooches!

The Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 (The Black Cat and Spider-Man) 

The Spiral storyline follows the huge cross-over event, Spider-Verse. This classic gang turf war storyline features many heroes and villains besides the Black Cat and Tombstone. In this storyline Police Captain Yuriko Watanabe’s takes her fight against crime to the streets as her alter ego, The Wraith. Making her first appearance as Wraith in The Amazing Spider-Man #663, Captain Watanabe spends her first issue investigating the gang war between the Maggia, Mister Negative, and the Hobgoblin. In terms of super-powers, Wraith uses a specially designed suit that gives off a fear gas to confuse enemies. She was also equipped with elastic tentacles to entangle her foes during her nightly pursuits. In this cover, Black Cat has Spidey tied up in a similar fashion but for more romantic reasons.

Spider-Man Vol 2 #12 (Miles Morales and Gwendolyne Stacy)

With the heroes from multiple dimensions converging onto one world came the inevitable cross-over of story lines and relationships. Miles Morales is the lead web slinger coming from Earth-1610 in the new Spider-Man series. This issue kicks off the storyline “Sitting in a tree!” featuring everyones new favorite Spider-hero: Gwendolyne Stacy (Earth-65) aka Spidergwen. One of the best kissing covers from the Love and Comics vault, this issue features the blooming romance between Morales and Stacy as they dimension jump from one universe to another on a special rescue mission. The rest of the story bounces between the titled Spider-Man series as well as Spider-Gwen.

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows Vol 2 #1 – Fried Pie Variant (Peter Parker and Mary Jane)

The second volume of the Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows series was christened with a special cover from Fried Pie Comics. A company exclusively selling variant covers, Fried Pie Comics is in the business of bringing new and seasoned artists to the variant cover game. Since January 2016, Fried Pie Comics has published variant covers from major publishers like Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, IDW, Boom, Oni Press, and Valiant. This specific cover comes from Toronto artist Mike Del Mundo, featuring Peter Parker and his web-slinging wife, Mary Jane Watson. Be sure to check out the Fried Pie website for new variants and check local retailers for exclusive covers.

Peter Parker Spider-Man Vol 1 #29 (Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson)

In this issue, Mary Jane Watson is taken by a mysterious psychic villain with no name. Commonly referred to as “Stalker”, this villain has an extreme obsession over Mary Jane Watson. He is somehow linked to Peter Parker and uses his psychic ability to justify taking MJ. In the heat of battle, MJ’s mind is held captive by the Stalker. Her injuries end up sending her to the hospital while Spidey is in pursuit of the assailant. The Stalker also has a mysterious connection to Peter Parker. In this cover, Peter Parker and Mary Jane are locking lips in their steamy and dreamy love scene.

What If…Starring Spider-Man Vol 2 #99 (The Black Cat and Spider-Man)

The What If series took a look at alternate realities where the unexpected could happen. The series ran from 1977-2015 spanning just over nine volumes of alternate story lines. In this issue, Marvel looked at what would happen if Black Cat was the one responsible for revealing Peter Parker’s identity as Spider-Man. Spider-Man is tired of always being portrayed as a villain while Black Cat gets celebrity status following the revelation of her identity. Spider-Man’s sense of family and protection prevents him from revealing his identity, but what if someone else took the fall for being Spider-Man. Felicia sets up football star Flash Thompson to look like he was Spider-Man thus releasing Peter Parker from any danger. Little does she know that her meddling gets Flash in trouble with the wrong villain, Scorpion. There is also a great synopsis, in the beginning  of the issue, showcasing the romantic history between the Black Cat and Spider-Man.

The Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #14 (Mattie Franklin and Peter Parker)

In this issue, Peter Parker is distraught after the supposed death of Mary Jane Watson in a terrible plane crash. There to console him is his new friend is Martha “Mattie” Franklin. Mattie had met Peter Parker and befriended him through her uncle, J. Jonah Jameson, shortly after her arrival to New York City. What Parker soon discovers is that Mattie is endowed with super powers of her own, similar to that of Spider-Woman. She has super strength, wall-crawling abilities, and flight to name a few. In this issue they go up against another villain claiming to be Spider-Woman, Charlotte Witter. By the end of the issue they defeat Witter but Mattie ends up getting knocked out cold. As Peter Parker tries to resuscitate her, she mistakingly takes his rescue for a kiss and assumes that his advancement was a sign of their potential romance.

The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 #194 (Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson)

The Spectacular Spider-Man series was another main titled series that took a look at the multiple characters in Peter Parker’s life. This specific issue was a great look at the nightly experience of having a super-hero for a husband, as Mary Jane waits up all-night for her web-slinging lover. On the other side of town another couple is having their own challenges. Edward Whelan aka Vermin has the ability to transform into a humanoid rat with sharp claws, agility, and a keen sense of smell and tracking. Whelan is having his own challenges with his lover but things are about to get much worse as this story arc kicks off the supposed death of Vermin.

The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 2 #23 (Peter Parker and Sarah Stacy) 

One of the strangest stories from the Spider-Man lore is the supposed secret affair between Gwen Stacy and Norman Osborn. Before her death Gwen gave birth to Norman’s twins, Sarah and Gabriel, in France. After her death the twins were raised by Osborn to believe that Spider-Man had killed their mother, turning them into vengeful people. Endowed with super-human powers via the Goblin serum, Gabriel becomes the Gray Goblin and sought to take revenge on Spider-Man. Stacy becomes hospitalized and seeks out Peter Parker’s help, leading him to France. In an odd turn of events, Sarah Stacy takes Peter’s arrival as a sign of affection and kisses him.

The Web of Spider-Man Vol 1 #125 (Ben Reilly and Joyce Delaney) 

Clones are a common storyline among the Spider-verse. Ben Reilly aka Scarlet Spider is the first successful clone of the Spider-Man universe. Created by the Jackal, he made his first appearance as Scarlet Spider in Web of Spider-Man #118. Alternatively another clone was created by the Jackal but in the form of Joyce Delaney. In this issue, Ben Reilly discovers that the cloned Gwen Stacy is living a life with another cloned version of the Jackal aka Miles Warren. More recently, Marvel comics has revisited the clone story lines in the 2017 series The Clone Conspiracy.

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 #80 (J. Jonah Jameson and Dr. Marla Madison)

The Spectacular Spider-Man series looked at ancillary characters of the Spider-Man universe. An essential to the Spider-Man history is Peter Parker’s tough talking boss, J. Jonah Jameson. In one of the few exclusive issues dedicated to J. Jonah Jameson, issue #80 looks at Jameson’s lead as he tries to uncover the truth about a waterfront crime ring. Featured in this issue is also his future wife, Dr. Marla Madison. Another great thing about this issue is it gives a brief synopsis of how Jameson came to become the owner and editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle. Starting out as a copy boy during the depression, Jameson worked his way up the ranks until the old owners put up the Daily Bugle on auction. Jameson put every cent he owned into owning the company and eventually made the Daily Bugle his own.

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