Kim’s 90’s Call Back: Spider-Man

Remembering the good ol’ days one action figure at a time.

  • Toybiz Spider-Man Animated Series – 1994: Spider-Man Web Racer
  • Originally Sold: Toys R Us, K-Mart and KB Toys Stores
  • Figure Ability: String Pulley mechanism for swinging action
  • Accessories: Bonus Collectors Pin

“With great power there must also come great responsibility!”. – Benjamin Parker.

Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has been web slinging through many generations of kids and adults. His funny antics have been a huge selling point to all comic book super-hero lovers and Marvel fans. Spidey is one of my all-time favorite Marvel superheroes.  As a homage for the upcoming Spider-Man movie coming out (July 7, 2017) we will be looking at this Toybiz Spider-Man Animated series figure. The design and build of this figure is based off the 1994 TV series.Peter Parker was an orphaned boy living with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben when a radioactive spider, from a school science exhibit, bit him and turned him into the wall-crawling Spider-Man. The bite granted him superpowers like the super keen senses of an arachnid, super strength, as well as wall climbing abilities. Being a whiz kid he produced a portable device capable of shooting artificial webbing for his own use to swing from one spot to another, much like a spider does. He started using his newfound abilities to earn some money but in turn also became the reason why his Uncle Ben dies. He is killed by a criminal that Parker fails to stop. The design and sculpt of this figure is decent and the pattern for the costume is actually very detailed. The pattern is the same as the one in the comics and it gives the nostalgic feel of his first appearance in the Amazing Fantasy #15. The only thing about the figure is the head is more round than oval-shape. Unfortunately the arms on the figure lack any articulation since it houses the mechanism part of the pulley web slinging action. The way it works is you hold the string from one end to the other and swing the figure left to right similar to how Spidey web slings between buildings.The figure also comes with a limited edition collectors pin featuring his arch nemesis, Venom. This action figure line is one of the more sought out sets following the 90’s, when the animated series had just premiered. The set also features most of the villains he had faced in the series. This includes famous villains like Doctor Octopus, Vulture, Carnage, Rhino and more.Spider-Man brings out a lot of good memories between young collectors to the adult collector. Over the next few years there were more Spider-Man figures being produced that improved upon the sculpt of this line. The animated series helped catapult the sales of this set, specifically the villains, which are above the retail value now and are going for as much as triple the price on eBay. Toybiz really dominated the action figure business in the 90’s and Spider-Man is one of their most iconic characters to look for if you are looking for a new addition to your nostalgic Marvel collection.

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