Convention Guide: Comic Con Revolution 2017 – Ontario, CA

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This weekend is Comic Con Revolution at the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario, CA. The Inland Empire’s major comic convention is set to bring in over 80 guests and 200 exhibitors to the convention center this weekend.

Comic Con Revolution

  • Date: May 13th 2017
  • Time: Doors open at 10:00 AM (9:30 – advanced sale)
  • Location: Ontario Convention Center 2000 E Convention Center Way, Ontario, CA 91764 Google Maps Link 
  • Tickets: $25.00 (adults) $15.00 (13-17 yo) Free (Children) – Tickets Link 
  • Programming: Comic Con Revolution 

Parking map:

Atomic Crush Events

The con is being put on by a new event’s company known as Atomic Crush Events. Founder and management consultant, Mike Scigliano recruited the team that makes up Atomic Crush Events company including co-founders Gabe Fieramosco, James Ross and Drew Seldin. An industry professional, with a history of comic book writing, Mike Scigliano has been involved with some of the growing comic conventions in California including the Long Beach Comic Con and Expo. Comic Con Revolution has high hopes of calling back to the days of the smaller scale and accessible community comic convention and is sure to be more about the comic culture and it’s growing influence in TV, film, and story-telling.

We had a chance to speak to one of the co-founders of Atomic Crush Events, Drew Seldin, on the upcoming convention. Check out our short interview below and scroll down for a quick breakdown and highlights of this weekend’s convention.

  • L&C: As a comic enthusiast and convention fan, what do you think makes up a successful convention? What do you hope for your attendees to experience and come away with this weekend?
    • Seldin: “When building a convention first and foremost you need to think about the fans and the fan experience.  You need to pack it with best comic talent you can and build outward from there.  Comic Conventions are amazing, what other industry holds events where fans get to fully interact with the artist and creators that they love and admire.  Sure you can go to a Baseball game and watch your favorite player but you don’t get that one on one experience that a great Comic Con gives you.  Obviously, we want attendees of Comic Con Revolution to get that interaction, to get their favorite book signed, to pick up an original piece of artwork that they will so proudly display.  Additionally, our goal was for Comic Con Revolution to be an amazing experience for avid collectors and first timers alike.”
  • L&C: I’m sure you’re looking forward to most of the panels this weekend. Which panels, if you had time to attend, would you go to/recommend?
    • Seldin: “That is really a personal choice because the diverse programming we built has something for all attendees.  For me if some of the ones that would be can’t miss include The Arkham Sessions Presents: The Psychology of Batman, Bringing Comics To Screen (Doug Jung is a lifelong friend), Voices From Your Favorite Games, Iconic Art: Artists on Illustrating Your Favorite Comic Book Characters, I can go on and on.  As I said this a personal choice for the Revolution attendees.  I just want everyone who attends a panel to enjoy themselves.”
  • L&C: Could you give us a preview of other upcoming events on the Atomic Crush timeline?
    • Seldin: “The Atomic Crush Timeline is still being built but I am happy to say we will be returning to Ontario in the future, the support we received from the community has been incredible.  The Inland Empire has embraced us from the minute we announced the show, we feel the love and we want to give it back in spades.  If you keep up with us on social media you will hear about all the great events coming down the pike.” (Atomic Crush Twitter)
  • L&C: Lastly, anything else you would like to say to convention goers this weekend?
    • Seldin: “We just want all of the attendees to have a memorable experience, if we can achieve that then we met one of our primary goals.  If you come with your family we hope the day is a special one, if you attend with your buddies we hope you have a bunch of laughs, if you attend solo we hope you meet some new friends who share your interests.  Comic Con Revolution is a show built by a team with years of experience that is a show created by fans for fans.”

Panel Highlights


Voices From Your Favorite Games –
Saturday, 1:30 PM – 104 B

Join the Overwatch resistance in this awesome panel featuring some of Overwatch’s favorite mains: Symmetra, Zenyatta, and Roadhog. Played and voiced by actors Anjali Bhimani (Symmetra), Feodor Chin (Zenyatta), and Josh Petersdorf (Roadhog), this panel is sure to have a huge turn out due to the popularity of the video game and Overwatch community. The folks over at Blizzard, specifically Jeff Kaplan and his Overwatch team, have really been putting work into their game and into the fan community. This will be a great opportunity to hear about how these actors bring some of your heroes to life (because heroes never die).

The Strength of Independent Comics –
Saturday, 2:30 PM – 103

Eisner Award-winning writer, Hope Larson is the current scribe for the Batgirl series following the Rebirth imprint. Beyond her main stream work Larson is also the mind behind her famed detective character, Goldie Vance. Larson’s independent book, Goldie Vance, is already on issue #12 and has put out two trade paperbacks in the process, showing that the independent comics medium is a place for creators to work on their passion projects while putting out amazing best-selling stories. Be sure to check out her panel along with other independent artists, writers, and creators to build that confidence in pursuing your own passion projects.

The Arkham Sessions Presents: The Psychology of Batman – Saturday, 3:30 PM – 104 B

Dr. Andrew Letamendi is a clinical psychologist and one of the premiere specialist in the psychology behind the villains and heroes of Gotham. When she isn’t treating her patients, Dr. Letamendi co-hosts a podcast, with Brian Ward, on the 90’s Batman: The Animated Series and looks at the psychology and mental health/wellness behind central characters of the beloved cartoon. She has been featured on TEDx, The Huffington Post, Marvel, The Guardian, The Hollywood Reporter, and PhD comics (just to name a few of her accolades). Be sure to check out her panel over in room 104 B at 3:30!

Iconic Artist: Artists Illustrating your Favorite Comic Book Characters –
Saturday, 4:30 PM – 103

Paolo Rivera is one of the most memorable artists coming to Comic Con Revolution. That doesn’t go to say that the other artists on this panel aren’t also outstanding. A personal favorite, Paolo Rivera is known for his work on Daredevil, Hellboy & the B.P.R.D, America, and over 60 covers from around the comic medium. Join artists Todd Nauck (Spider-Man), Art Thibert (Superman), Matthew Clark (Wonder Woman), and Scott Koblish (Deadpool) as they talk about illustrating some of their favorite characters and the work that goes behind bringing the comic medium to it’s current popularity.

Viciouskill Clothing – Booth #119

One of the up and coming clothing companies making it’s rounds around the convention scene is Viciouskill. One of the best and originally designed screen printing companies, Viciouskill is sure to have exactly what fans are looking for in both cost and quality. The art is all originally drawn and designed by artist Victor Magana. Between Marvel, Capcom, Starwars, 90’s cartoons and anime, Viciouskill has the swag that will define the Comic Con Revolution experience for all fans. Be sure to follow them on Instagram over @Viciouskill and check out their online store here, if you can’t make it out to the con.

This weekend is set to bring in a ton of comic, film, and art fans from the Los Angeles area to get their convention fix before SDCC 2017. With new conventions coming up, the support of the community is really what creates a thriving environment for the comic convention culture so be sure to stop on by if you are in the area for what will be one of the best new conventions of 2017!

Be sure to check out the convention this weekend by buying your tickets here. Thanks again and check back here for the next major convention guide!

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