Action Figure Friday: Spider-man Homemade Suit

Action Figure Friday! Featuring our favorite weekly themed figures.

  • Figures: Marvel Legends Series
  • Spider-man (Homemade Suit)
  • Spider-man Homecoming Wave
  • Location: Amazon, Walmart, Big Bad Toy Store
  • Release date: June 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming has been making a killing at the box office this weekend and with that comes the increasing popularity of their toy line. Released a month ago, this Spider-Man: Homecoming homemade suit has been making its way into local retailers and online stores. One of the best figures to come out this summer, the homemade Spidey suit is a huge addition to the growing Marvel Legends line. The figure comes with a few essential accessories. The first accessory is the interchangeable hoodie that comes with the figure. The hoodie gives Spider-Man that ominous vigilante look when he swinging through buildings and taking down bad guys. The other accessories are the interchangeable hands available for Parker, including a closed fist and hands in the classic “web-shooter” pose. In terms of a movie replica, this Spidey suit has great detail in comparison to the film. The Spider-Man suit that Parker owned before getting his upgrade from Tony Stark is spot-on to the newly released movie. Although the costume itself is supposed to look like a pair of pajamas, the action figure does its best to cast his joints and pants as if they were sweater material. The creases, folds, and overall detail in making this figure look like his first suit are fantastic. Another great detail are his web-shooters that he designed himself. The emblem on Parker’s home made suit are his original design when he decided to become Spider-Man. When Stark gives Parker a brand new suit, in Captain America: Civil War, he redesigns his hand stitched logo turning it into an updated and modern look for Spider-Man. The box actually showcases that newly designed logo for Spider-Man. 

This figure can be purchased for pre-order on websites like and Be sure to check out your local Wal-mart stores if you are still on the hunt. Since the release of the film, the popularity and hype around Spider-Man can only grow. Between fan feedback and professional reviews, Spider-Man: Homecoming is said to be a great film filled with action, adventure, humor, and heroics. Be sure to check out the film out in theaters now at your local cinema!

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