Action Figure Friday: Wolverine and Old Man Logan

Action Figure Friday! Featuring our favorite weekly themed figures.

  • Figures: Marvel Legends Series
  • Wolverine X-men Wave 1
  • Old Man Logan X-men Wave 2
  • Location: TRU, Target, Amazon

This week we are showing off two of Marvel Legends’ recent line up of X-men figures featuring our favorite adamantium avenger, Wolverine.

Our first figure comes from the 2016 Marvel Legends X-men series and features Wolverine in one of his classic brown and yellow costumes.
Wolverine’s suit has gone through over 40 years of alterations and between the films and the comics none of them have really crossed over. Not until the alternate ending  tease during The Wolverine did we see the classic brown costume that is so iconic.The classic brown costume premiered in issue # 139 of Uncanny X-men.

Definitely a fan favorite, this Marvel Legends figure features the iconic Wolverine complete with his scarlet red belt and alternate non-claw hands. A great figure for any Wolverine fan to hunt down and add to their growing collection.

Our second figure featured this week is the Old Man Logan figure from the 2nd wave of X-men Marvel Legends. Currently this is one of the harder figures to find and we’ve managed to track down at least 1 per Target with the rest of the figures being dispersed.

Old Man Logan was an alternate multiverse mini-series that ran between issue #66-72 of Wolverine’s comic series volume 3. The synopsis sets Wolverine in a dystopian future in which all the heroes have fallen. The difference is that he does not go by the name Wolverine because he hasn’t used his claws in over 50 years.

To read more about this story and see it’s influence on Logan be sure to check out Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s Old Man Logan on trade paperback at any major comic retailer or on Amazon.

That’s it for this week’s Action Figure Friday! Be sure to check back next week for all new figures and write in suggestions or comments below and on our Instagram @AronsActionFigures or @LoveAndComics.


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