Action Figure Friday: Vulture – (Spider-man Homecoming)

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  • Figures: Marvel Legends Series
  • Vulture
  • Spider-man Homecoming
  • Location: Amazon
  • Release date: June 2017

Continuing on our journey to Spider-Man: Homecoming is the main villain from the Marvel Legends Homecoming Wave: Adrian Toomes aka Vulture. Vulture is one of the earliest villains that makes up the Spider-Man rogues gallery. Making his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #2 (1963), Toomes invented a winged suit that gave him the powers of flight and super strength. Playing the infamous Vulture is none other than acting legend, Michael Keaton. This wouldn’t be the first time that Keaton has played a winged warrior. 2014’s Birdman starred Michael Keaton as the lead male actor in a satirical comedy about stage acting. The newly designed suit for the upcoming film is based off of a more realistic interpretation of the Vulture suit. Instead of the very bright green body suit, Keaton will be dressed in a bomber jacket in an air-pilot style costume. The flight suit design is very reminiscent of a parachute jumper. The shoulder strap and belt design for this figure has a ton of great detail while the legs and feet are designed to simulate large talon-like claws. Although the mask is not removable, it makes for a robotic and monstrous head sculpt on Toomes. The build-a-figure for this series is based around this Vulture figure by collecting all the wings from the rest of the toys. Although we haven’t gathered the rest of the wings from this collection, the wingspan for vulture is almost twice the size of his main body. Compared to the Spider-Man homemade suit, Vulture stands just a bit taller than our friendly neighborhood Spidey. What this figure lacks in accessories it makes up in design and maneuverability once the rest of the wings are assembled. 

This figure can still be purchased for pre-order on websites like as well as other toy websites. Be sure to check out your local Walmart stores if you are in the mood to hunt. Stay tuned as we get closer and closer to the Spider-Man: Homecoming release on July 7th, 2017.

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