Action Figure Friday: Vance Astro

Action Figure Friday! Featuring our favorite weekly themed figures.

  • Figures: Marvel Legends Series
  • Vance Astro
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2
  • Location: TRU, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, and Amazon
  • Release date: March 2017

This week’s figure comes from the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 line: Vance Astro aka Major Victory. A part of the Guardians of the Galaxy roster from the future, Vance Astro was originally an astronaut by the name of Vance Astrovik. He was assigned on a special mission to assist in the leading and colonization of a distance planet known as Centauri-IV. He was placed in suspended animation, similar to that of Captain America, but when he awoke Earth had already colonized other planets. He was then attacked by the Badoon, upon his awakening, and had to escape with a familiar fellow Guardian: Yondu. 
The paint job and design of this figure is almost identical to the first appearance of Vance Astro in Marvel Super-Heroes #18. Known also as the first appearance of the original Guardians of the Galaxy roster, Marvel Super-Heroes #18 introduces us to the time displaced Vance Astro as he leads a team of cosmic adventurers.

A big question that many fans ask is how Vance Astro comes about obtaining the famous shield of Captain America. Vance Astro was a major in the U.S. Air Force and looked up to Captain America during his time on earth. When he awoke from his 1000 year suspended animation he sought to gain it’s power and wield it. Along with his team he searched for the shield and found it. Similar to Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer, the shield found Astro worthy and invigorated him with the spirit and strength of Captain America. 
The suit design of Vance Astro is also unique in that it is said to be lined with adamantium, the same material that is within Wolverine’s bones as well as Captain America’s shield. This Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 build-a-figure series has some of the classic cosmic heroes mixed with some of the newer more modern ones. Notable finds for this series include Angela, Darkhawk, and Kid Nova. These figures are easily found in Walgreens and making their way throughout Walmart’s in the area. The most prominent finds have been in Targets with most of the Guardians toys being built on end caps, predicting that they will stay up until the release of the new film. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is set to be released May 5th 2017. Tickets are on sale now for the highly anticipated sequel to this Marvel blockbuster.

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