Action Figure Friday: Sunfire

Action Figure Friday! Featuring our favorite weekly themed figures.

  • Figures: Marvel Legends Series
  • Sunfire
  • X-men Wave 2
  • Location: Walgreens
  • Release date: May 2017

This week’s figure comes from the Marvel Legends X-men Wave 2 (2017): Shiro Yoshida aka Sunfire. Premiering in X-men #64 (1970), Sunfire’s origin are rooted in his mother being exposed to radiation following the Hiroshima bombings. While giving birth to him she somehow passed on a mutation but died in the process. At first Sunfire was an enemy of the X-men, being raised to by his Anti-American Uncle Tomo. In a tragic turn of events Sunfire’s U.S. diplomat father is killed by Tomo and in a rage Sunfire kills his own uncle. Over the course of his stint in the X-men series he is more of a lone warrior that occasionally teams up with the X-men. Over time his sentiments for the U.S. changes but remains a prideful son of Japan.

The detail to his costume is excellent in both it’s detail and paint job. It looks almost identical to his costume during his Bronze Age premiere and resembles his current get-up in more recent comics.

Complete with flaming fire ball fists, it makes for a true to comic build in plastic form. The flaming paint decal that he has on his forearm and shins almost have a golden hue to it and adds to the effect of his element. Also his BAF part  is the main torso so Sunfire is a must for anyone looking to start building their Warlock.

Both the recent Marvel Legends X-men figures have had great stand outs like Deadpool and Wolverine from Wave 1 and this year’s Wave 2 with Colossus and Jim Lee’s Cyclops. It shouldn’t go without notice though that the ancillary characters, like Sunfire or Dazzler, are still very sought out and add great variety to the series.

Although an anticipated date has not been officially announced for pre-orders, the Legends’ circuit has people aiming for a late Spring (May 2017) for a possible mass release for Wave 2 of X-men Marvel Legends. Target initially got the first shipments but Walgreens has been getting a few within the past two weeks. Be sure to check out multiple Walgreens retailers in your area to complete the wave, since each store has to supposedly split the shipment between locations.

That’s it for this week’s Action Figure Friday! Be sure to check back next week for all new figures and write in suggestions or comments below and on our Instagram @AronsActionFigures or @LoveAndComics.

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