Action Figure Friday: Spider-man and Mary Jane Watson

Action Figure Friday! Featuring our favorite weekly themed figures.

  • Figures: Marvel Legends Series
  • Mary Jane and Peter Parker
  • TRU Exclusive
  • Location: TRU
  • Release date: May 2017 

Starting off the countdown to Spider-Man: Homecoming is this Toys R Us exclusive 2-pack: Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson. Our first ever, Mary Jane Watson Marvel Legends figure, this two pack was a sure purchase for fans of Spidey. The first thing to note is how great the figures look in box. They are the perfect size to fit in your collection or on a shelf and are scaled perfectly for display. Let’s start off with taking a look at Peter Parker’s red-headed romance: Mary Jane Watson. The costume design they decided to go for was Mary Jane Watson’s first full appearance in ASM #42. Leading with her infamous line of “Face it tiger…you just hit the jackpot”, Mary Jane Watson has been as essential of a character to the Spider-Man lore as the Peter Parker himself. The design team did a great job with the hair, eye color design, and freckles for this sculpt. Where Mary Jane Watson might be lacking is in her expression. More stoic and less care-free/flirtatious as her usual portrayal, this figure captures less of that fun side of MJ and more of her serious side. The other thing to note about MJ is just the lack of accessories that came with her figurine. Even if MJ is not necessarily a heavily accessorized character in the Marvel world, her action figure would have benefited from an additional head swap or an extra coat instead of just a purse. The Spider-Man suit featured in this two pack is based on the new series that began in 2015. The Amazing Spider-Man was renumbered, beginning in 2015, and written by Spider-scribe Dan Slott. The great thing about these new ASM issues were the covers drawn by artist Alex Ross. These covers really highlighted the look to his new suit and glowing spider eyes and symbol.  As mentioned before, the suit design is based off of this new series but the body sculpt looks to be new and improved. The accessories that comes with this figure are 2 sets of interchangeable hands as well as an alternate masked head. In contrast to MJ, the designers were able to capture that subtle Parker smirk in his head design. As a TRU exclusive this figure is a great homage to the recognizable romance between Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker. TRU seems to be going with a central theme for these two-pack releases as the next set, to be released this summer, is the Phoenix and Cyclops two-pack. This was a great figure to hunt for and is still sought out weeks after it’s release. As the only MJ figure currently out in the Marvel Legends line, it makes for a worthy purchase for any Spider-Man collector. Now the only way that Hasbro can improve upon their Legends game is by creating a Spider-Man and MJ wedding variant for next year’s release. Spread the word and let’s get this made!

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