Action Figure Friday: Shatter Star

Action Figure Friday! Featuring our favorite weekly themed figures.

  • Figures: Marvel Legends Series
  • Shatterstar
  • X-men Wave 2
  • Location: Walgreens
  • Release date: April/May 2017

Straight from the pages of New Mutants and X-force comes Shatterstar! Born as a mutant warrior on Mojoworld and trained to be an entertainment gladiator, Gaveedra Seven aka Shatterstar was one of the most entertaining and dynamic fighters of the cosmic circuit. Shatterstar was also involved in a time paradox that caused him to become the son of Longshot and Dazzler while somehow being responsible for the creation of Longshot. The timeline got fixed once Shatterstar was sent into the future but still poses a confusing origin for the character. 
Created by none other than the mind behind X-force, Rob Liefield (and Fabian Nicieza) created Shatterstar in the very early 90’s. His costume design has a huge X-force and 90’s influence and this figure exudes that. The detail for the headpiece for Shatterstar is pretty accurate with his signature left eye tattoo. 
The accessories that come with Shatterstar include his signature dual swords complete with brass knuckle hilts. Shatterstar was definetely designed as a swordsmen complete with his grey gauntlets and shoulder guard.  

Shatterstar is one of those ancillary characters that was announced with this X-men line. For those fans that are huge into X-force or the 90’s era X-men will definitely want to add this figure to their collection along with the Jim Lee cyclops. This figure was found in Walgreens but like the current Warlock series, is making it’s rounds on the internet. There is currently pre-orders up for the Warlock series on that is running for about $160 for the entire set. Within a couple months these figures should be more readily available in Targets and Toys R Us as we get more U.S. shipments.

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