Action Figure Friday: Dazzler

Action Figure Friday! Featuring our favorite weekly themed figures.

  • Figures: Marvel Legends Series
  • Dazzler
  • X-men Wave 2
  • Location: Amazon, Walgreens, Target
  • Release date: April/May 2017

Another great addition to the Marvel Legends X-men Wave 2 line is none other than the disco diva herself, Dazzler. Alison Blaire’s powers include the ability to manipulate light and energy by using her voice. Her aspirations to become a singer are what caused the manifestation of her powers. She began singing as early as middle school and eventually learned she could utilize her powers to enhance her performances. Once her career started taking off she began to get more attention on the mutant radar, enough to the point where both the Hellfire Club and the X-men wanted to recruit Dazzler to their side. She was eventually recruited to the X-men. The costume design for this figure is identical to the first appearance of Dazzler. The design comes complete with the feathered hair, kiss face paint, silver gauntlets, and disco ball necklace. The jumpsuit that she appears in is also identical complete with bell bottom flairs near her roller skates. It has a 70’s look to it and is very reminiscent and fashionable of that disco era she performs in.  Another highlight to this design are her platinum roller skates with blue wheels that match her face paint. The attention to detail that they added to this figure is tremendous and it shows that Hasbro can still make figures that are not just repaints. For cost purposes it makes sense to re-use certain designs but that isn’t the case in this Dazzler figure. The extra accessories that come with Dazzler include her microphone and light band (which thankfully is the only repaint on this figure, taken from the Dr.Strange/Enchantress cosmic bands). She also comes with Warlocks left arm which is a hefty piece for the build-a-figure. Another highlight of these new Marvel Legends re-usable boxes is the art design. As an in-box collector, the art that decorates the box is just as important as the figure itself. Marvel and Hasbro do a great job of showing off the uniqueness of the Dazzler figure by showing her in full performance mode with a disco ball as her background. This is a great and unique figure and might not be on everyone’s top list but should be. She is still difficult to find but since the release of this figure back in mid April, more and more of the figures have been showing up on Amazon listings as well as at Toys R Us. Be sure to call your local stores and ask if they still have this line in stock and snag a Dazzler to light up your collection.

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