Action Figure Friday: Cosmic Spider-Man

Action Figure Friday! Featuring our favorite weekly themed figures.

  • Figures: Marvel Legends Series
  • Cosmic Spider-Man aka Captain Universe
  • Spider-man Homecoming 
  • Location: Amazon
  • Release date: June 2017

Continuing on our journey to Spider-Man: Homecoming is this epic figure from the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Wave. More commonly known as Captain Universe, the mantle of the Uni-Power was endowed upon Peter Parker turning him into the Cosmic Spider-Man. Making his first appearance in What If? Vol 2 #31, the Cosmic Spider-Man made a return to the forefront in the Spider-Verse event from 2014. The Captain Universe costume design on this figure is identical to his first appearance. Complete with the Uni-Power sleeves and symbols, this figure shows the power of the universe in a speckled paint job. The other great paint feature is the perfectly white body suit that the rest of the figure is casted in.  The alternate heads for this figure are the uniquely sculpted bearded Peter Parker, as he was portrayed in the Spider-Verse event, and the traditional Captain Universe head. Although there aren’t any alternative hands or accessories, the three different and unique head sculpts make up for it.  The box art for this figure features the Cosmic Spider-Man in all his glory, with the Uni-Power encircling his body. These figures are beautiful to display in box and I really enjoy how they look stacked up on display. Given his cosmic powers the Uni-power grants this universe’s Peter Parker the ability to fly, incredible strength, and enhanced cosmic senses. Hands down this is one of the cooler figures out of this line and is sure to be a fan-favorite for any Spider-Verse and Spider-Man fan. This figure can still be purchased for pre-order on websites like and The figures themselves have been making their rounds in local Walmarts so be sure to check out your local stores if you are on the hunt. Stay tuned as each week we get closer and closer to the Spider-Man: Homecoming release on July 7th, 2017.

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