Action Figure Friday: Colossus

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  • Figures: Marvel Legends Series
  • Colossus
  • X-men Wave 2
  • Location: Amazon, Walgreens, Target
  • Release date: April/May 2017

Colossus made his first appearance in Giant-Size X-men #1, around the height of the bronze era of comics. Piotr Rasputin was born to a Soviet farming family when his powers emerged at an early age. He decided to utilize his powers to help his family around the farm until he was recruited by Professor Xavier during his early adolescent years. He joined a new team of mutants to help Professor Xavier save the original X-men from the island of Krakoa. Since then he has been one of the core members of the X-men and has been featured in numerous titles like Astonishing X-men and All-new X-men. He’s made countless debuts in the X-men films as well as in Deadpool. Colossus is one of the most sought-ought figures in this line of X-men Marvel Legends both for his build and his popularity. This isn’t the first Marvel Legends figure dedicated to the Soviet super-hero. The original Colossus build was released back in 2003 under the Marvel Legends Series V line.  The original Colossus from series V calls back to his first appearance costume so it only makes sense that Hasbro designed this new figure based off of his current costume and continuity. The cross-over between the two builds comes in the color choices and paint job for Colossus. His suit is one of the more recognizable costumes of the X-men showcasing his maroon red and orange-yellow accents with that contrasting metallic grey of his head and beefy arms. Another nice detail is how the gauntlets accentuates Colossus’ massive fist/hand. The major feedback and love for this figure is the head swap that comes in-box. Colossus can either be mounted with his original head design or the bearded design. Personally, the bearded design is a favorite and really showcases the attention to detail from Hasbro. It gives Colossus a lumbar-jack look and makes him feel like a menacing figure to display. Besides the strong facial hair, the bearded Colossus head also comes with a more defined chin and alternate hair design. Although Colossus doesn’t come with any accessories, seeing how he himself is a weapon, he does come with Warlock’s head and alternate saw hand. The box art for this figure is fantastic showing off Colossus in all his strength and glory. One of the premier figures in this line and still one of the more sought-out BAF, Colossus is a beautiful toy to display in box or on a stand. Well worth the retail price for his design, build, and popularity, Colossus stands out as one of the key items for this Marvel Legends’ X-men wave. The figure is readily available on Amazon for around $30, which is a fair price, but not as good as finding him on a toy hunt at your local TRU or Target for the usual $19.99. Keep the hunt going!

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